An electric guitar looses its temper, the Bass clarinet cries out accompanied by an enraged violin and a drum beating like an enormous heart.. Then a voice rises, vibrant, christal clear bringing along with her the entire imaginary of India.
– ηirmāaṇ – breaks all barriers of genres, between alternative rock, Indian classical music and pop.
Electrifying and innovating.

The genesis

The meeting with Parveen Sabrina Khan took place in India were Antoine and Etienne were travelling.
They met Parveen and her father, Hameed Khan at the Kawa Cultural Centre( a place for artistic creations and collaboration which is the family home as well)
The first notes were exchanged and they met a few days later as the Jodhpur Riff, where Parveen was performing. They were then invited to record a video for Balconytv. Back in France, along with Pierre and Jean Marie, they created Nirmaan.

Parveen Sabrina Khan

Parveen abrina KhanVocals
Issue of a lineage of great Indian musicians, Parveen Sabrina Khan was born to an Indian Father, Hameed Khan (Musafir, Jaipur Kawa Brass Band) and a French mother.
It is in Jaipur, Rajasthan ,that she grew up being taught Indian classical as well as Rajasthani Folk music, the traditional guru-shishya manner.

Collaborations and meetings:
Musafir, Transglobal Underground, Joseph Tawadros, DJ Click, Rupa and the April fishes, Jason Singh, Sylvain Barou.

Jean-Marie Nivaigne

10411425_279569092215655_8019290341073017721_ncustom prepared drumcase
Intrigued by the rythmic wealth of different world music, this drummer-percussionist is an alchemist of rythms. It is during his many trips that he trained himself by various masters such as Pandit Shankar Ghosh, Adama Drame, Fred « El Pulpo » Savignien, Areski Dries…

Collaborations and meetings:
Les Nioubardophones, Mood, KBA3 Elektridal, Akosh S , Erik Marchand, Camel Zekri, Jean-Luc Capozzo, Jacques Pellen, Jacky Molard, Geoffrey Oryema, La Familha Artus, Hamon Martin Quintet, Karma, Olly & the Bollywood, Hassan and Hamida Boussou…

Antoine Lahay

Toine2Electric guitar
Aerial and incisive are terms that can be lent to this creative musican, Antoine is influenced by pop music as well as jazz.

Collaborations and meetings:
Olivier Bastide (Juvéniles, Concrete Knives), Expø, Julien Vignon (Manceau), Colin, Denez Prigent, Cie Salia nï Seydou, Yann-Fanch Kemener, Michel Eskenazi (Archie Shepp), Claude Chamboissier (Matmatah, Fleetwood Mac), Gyom Thomas (Corneille, trio Esperença), Karma.

Etienne Cabaret

E-CabaretBass Clarinet, effects
Musician, formed by « treujeun gaol »( traditional Breton clarinette), he has developed on his Bass Clarinet, an electro-accoustic sound, which flirts with Jazz, Rock and improvised music.

Collaborations and meetings:
Moger, Dièse3, Didier Malherbe, Yann-Fañch Kemener, Cie Salia nï Seydou, Elektridal (Kreiz Breizh Akamademi 3), Erik Marchand, Bojan Z., Ibrahim Maalouf, Rodolphe Burger, Thierry « Titi » Robin…

Pierre Droual

nirmaan Glomel 4Violin, keyboards
Violonist issue of traditional music, he explores and fiddles the sound of his violin and keyboards accross improvised and electric music.

Collaborations and meetings:
Hiks, Dièse3, Y-F Kemener, Didier Malherbe, François Corneloup, Kreizh Breizh Akademi #5 (Erik Marchand), Tony Hymas.